Alphabet Soup - MPEG Transport Stream

Blonder Tongue is happy to provide you with a video reference tool that provides familiarization with the technology and relate it to the cable industry's day to day acronyms and vocabulary. This is what we like to call the alphabet soup of cable television marketplace. The primer is geared towards teaching the basics, no matter if you're in programming, sales, marketing, or management. Once familiar with the terminology, everything else will make more sense. In today's episode, we use some pictorials to help you further understand what you get as a result of the encoder process. If you are unfamiliar with acronyms such as MPEG-2 or -4, it is highly recommended that you view our earlier video, “Alphabet Soup - Encoding” in order to get a basic understanding of what we discuss here. This video covers the following technical terms: OSI, TS, PSI, PSIP, PID, PAT, PMT, STT, MGT, VCT, EIT, ETT, DCCT, DCCST, PES, MPTS, SPTS For more information, visit us @ www.blondertongue.com under Solutions or Support. Subscribe to BT
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