Capturing a MPEG Transport Stream

Having problems and errors in the quality of your video file? In this video we focus on the first step, capturing a Transport Stream, using Blonder Tongue's MTSA-PRO! If you are using another device the principles should be very similar. You can jump to different sections of the video from the following links:

01:19 - Opening Up Software 02:20 - RF Set Up 03:16 - ASI Set Up 03:52 - IP Set Up

The next step, analyzing an MPEG-Transport Stream, will be covered in a subsequent video, until then you can visit the MTSA-PRO instruction manual, section 4.2.

Blonder Tongue’s MTSA-PRO features simple GUI configuration and comprehensive data capture and analysis capability, via RF/ASI/IP and TS file. To learn more about the extensive set of features, visit the MTSA-PRO product page.

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